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Engine Type 801

The engine type 801 was developed by the auto-union AG for the DKW Hummel and DKW Hummel Super. The engine built in in the DKW Hummel (type 101), DKW Hummel luxury (type 101) and in the DKW Hummel super (type 102).

  inland export
power: 1,7hp at 4400 U/Min 0,8hp at 4000 U/Min or   2,2hp at 5500U/Min
drilling: 40mm 40mm
capacity: 49ccm 49ccm
stroke: 39mm 39mm
gear: 3 3
circuit: hand hand
spark plug: size 225 size 225
maximum speed: 40 Km/h 30Km/h or 60 Km/h
cooling: wind wind
carburetor: Bing 1/9/15 Bing 1/9/17 or Bing 1/12/68
identification: enginenumber begin with:
01 XXX
elbow union off center
enginenumber begin with:      01 XXX
elbow union off center