General Approval (ABE)

General Approval (ABE)

A great many owners of old motorcycles and mopeds are all eventually face the same problem - the general operating permit is no longer found, or in such poor condition that one you can not use.

The attainment of ABE was until recently one often difficult to overcome hurdles. Now, at least about 90% of the vehicles (moped and scooter and moped) the Zweirad-Union (DKW and Victoria) and Hercules Stop it.

We can offer you this service for 109,95 Euro incl insured shipping (only in advance and only in Germany).

We do need a safety certificate, which is stamped by the local registration office or police station (cost depending on the locality between 0 - and € 25 - €).
Based on these can be assured that your vehicle is not reported as stolen. This is valid for 4 weeks. The data for the clearance certificate must explicitly match the vehicle data - all you have to take care.


Furthermore, we also need pictures of your vehicle, engine and engine number on the nameplate, as a basis. On the picture of the nameplate of the motor and all data must be easily identifiable.
These documents are then preferably send us by email. If you do not have a scanner, you can send us the documents and send by conventional mail.