Engine number request

Here you can see the different engine types with technical.

Partial way shortly after the assumption of the Victoria and Express werke their engines were built also still into a delivered zweirad-union moped. Likewise partly in mopeds built in so-called type 807 and 808 engines which were produced by victoria. Type 808 was also modified by zweirad-union, which gave it blower cover .

The type 801 was transferred by DKW and inserted in the beginning only to the Ur-Hummel, Hummel type 101 and Hummel Super type 102. In all later models only built in the engines type 802-805.
Last, only Fichtel & Sachs engines were built in because of the bad sales numbers zweirad-union also threw off their development and - production. This engine-run-harvested "Fichtel & Sachs/Hercules" transferred in the year 1966the zweirad-union AG.

Not: If the enginenumber is NOT on a plate, seperate hit into the engine housing, it is NOT engine developed by Zweirad-Union.

Engine numbers of Sachs engines cannot be queried!

Are you owner of such an engine not all numbers work, before you must the engine number as follows extend:

hit enginenumber:   extended enginenumber:
51/XXX to VM51/XXX
51D/XXX to VM51D/XXX
51K/XXX to VM51K/XXX

XXX = rest of your enginenumber

Further information of the engine you can find by means of the motor type number in the type column!