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Chassis number inquiry

Here you can see the different motor vehicle types with technical data.

For the first time only chassis numbers of zweirad-union mofas, mopeds and small motorcycles will be requestable here . Later we plan also vehicles, which ran before the union of the three manufacturers Victoria, DKW and Express than independent marks, to in-pull-put! Further information to the vehicles you can find then by means of the type number in the type column!


Reference: To use it with Victoria-Werke vehicle (Avanti, Vicky III, IV, Luxus, Super Luxus...) input also ALWAYS the letter befor the number, for exapmle A/22345 i.e. the input must be A22345 (e.g. Victoria Avanti)

 Attention: In the context of our historically available information it is only conditionally possible mopeds of the company " Victoria Werke" to query. Likewise are vehicles with SACHS engine from this data base excluded. Mofas, mopeds and small motorcycles of the company Zweirad-Union were in-maintained of the type 110 to type 159. In the case of errors we would be pleased for your part about a report!