Zweirad-Union-Mopeds History

Zweirad-Union-Mopeds History

In the year 2001 everything began with the search for a particularly favorable everyday lvehicle, which could be moved with the autodriving licence.

A former teammate had already a „old “looking red moped in the garage, which was intended for its children actually. For short spraying routes, these lost however already soon the desire to it and looked for newer and faster companions.

Thus I became now the happy owner of this me still unknown vehicle.

At first my interest was rather small beyond driving, but after short time I already recognized the cultural value of this ancient progressive movement means. Thereupon I decided to do all conceivable in order to repair the original condition. But also with enormous searches I advanced only laboriously. Innumerable old timer markets followed! Gradually, with much investment and time, I gathered everything I could get.

Now me, it was a DKW Hummel super Bj. 1960

Begin/Middle 2002 I began with the restoration. Due to my student life there were long term holidays those fortunately a short restoration time. The machine was ready in September 2002. But the "I-Tüpfelchen" was missing - the signature. None of the companies who offered historical stickers, had a detailfaithful sticker for my DKW Hummel super. From the emergency the virtue and I developed the signature made by myself. A dealer colleague found the idea so good that he gave to me some original zweirad-union stickers to reproduce it for him.

That was the foundation-stone for the emergence of the zweirad-union moped-spareparts trade.

By the sticker production different dealers came to me and ordered stickers, signatures and emblems.. Likewise I came into contact with different communities of interests who offered me information. Thus the company constantly grew and we are now proud to offer a very large repertoire at spare parts, as well as various services. Gladly we assistance carry out with restorations or organize summer exits with colleagues, friends and customers - the beautiful companion must be also moved.